Biblical Counseling Center - Jenison Michigan

Biblical Counseling Center - Jenison Michigan    

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Quotes Thank you so much for leading the workshop, "Parenting Teenagers", for our recent Women's Conference. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into preparations. And thank you for allowing the Lord to use your gifts and your knowledge and your sovereignly-planned "experiences" to help others seek our Lord's will in parenting. Thank you for being such a vital part of the conference with your willingness to serve, your support, and your encouragement. .Cornerstone URC Women's Conference Quotes

Quotes I found the course to exceed my expectations and grounded firmly in the Word of God. It has provided me with a lot of food for thought for my own personal spiritual growth. Thanks BAK Quotes

Quotes I wanted to thank you for your help. Your support, encouragement and Bible knowledge in searching the Scriptures for answers to my needs and concerns (without needing any other source) really helped me. I can rest in the Lord's hands concerning my husband and doing my best with God's love and help to try and hold my marriage together. I don't regret one moment of trying to love him back, even though the outcome wasn't what I had hoped. The Lord has given you a special gift of helping others and yet being so respectful toward them. My prayers are with you and your family. PK Quotes
Personal Counseling

Quotes Thank you so much for your counseling to us! We know that God worked through you and the words were just what we needed to hear. The verses you read from the Bible and the prayers to our Lord touched both of us. We are leaving tomorrow and wanted to let you know things were going well. Keep us in your prayers. You are truly doing the Lord's work of healing. We thank God for you and your ministry. J&L C. Quotes
Marriage Counseling

Quotes Dear Friends: Over the past number of years I have referred several families from our congregation to you for counseling. As a pastor, it is often difficult to refer or recommend counseling centers to my people without reservation. I am grateful that God has raised up the ministry of the Biblical Counseling Center. Every family that I have referred has returned to our church family with several comments, including, "Pastor, they told me the same thing you did." This is not only gratifying but so very helpful to our ministry. As you are so very aware, there are situations that are outside the realm of ability and expertise for the local pastor, and the fact that God has raised you up to meet the increasing perceived needs of people is a great help to us out here. Quotes
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